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Investment management has two general definitions, one relating to advisory services and the other relating to corporate finance.

In the first instance, a financial advisor or financial services company provides investment management by coordinating and overseeing a client's financial portfolio -- e.g., investments, budgets, accounts, insurance, and taxes. 

In corporate finance, investment management is the process of ensuring that a company's tangible and intangible assets are maintained, accounted for, and put to their highest and best use.

An investment management company serving as an advisor to a client has one overriding goal -- to substantially grow its client's portfolio. Investment managers are often hired by institutional investors like pension funds, corporations, and financial intermediaries, as well as high net worth individuals.

Investment managers conduct interviews, research, and statistical analyses of companies, markets, and trends to determine what investments to make or avoid on behalf of their clients. Investment managers do not generally need a specific "investment manager" license.

In corporate finance, investment management requires finding ways to maximize company value by managing long-term tangible and intangible assets to be more reliable, efficient, or cheaper -- including evaluating asset financing options, accounting methods, productions operation management, and maintenance schedules.

Specific Services

Investment in Croatia

At the moment, we are directly involved in few investment projects in Croatia. If you have interes to invest in our country, now is the perfect time.

Real Estate investment

This specific service includes venture capital process, investor relation, complete managament same as Real Estate investment consulting.

Key Benefits of the Service

Proficiency in investment management makes the difference between a mediocre and a stellar performance at both the individual and corporate levels. 

  • Higher returns & substantial savings
  • Operational efficiency
  • Risk management control
  • Independent and objective investment advice
Do you operate only in Croatia?

Except in Croatia, we usually provide our services for Western Europe and Middle East market. We have great networks all over the world, so there is no obstacle to any overseas work.

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