Sutivan Project

Sutivan Project

The vision of the project

Our vision is to build a modern, competitive economy between Western Europe and Croatia, through which private economy factors are linked in terms of partnership principles, and which will ensure the mutual sustainable growth of the economy and employment increasing in Croatia.

The Sutivan project offers a unique concept that combines the following purposes: investment, tourism, and lifestyle. A complex tourist offer, modern villas, and an exclusive restaurant, together form the heart of the project. Each segment is mutually networked and creates a number of new opportunities. The Sutivan project is the place for an exclusive vacation in an elegant ambiance that connects all resources, creates synergy and results in a unique experience.

Through high-quality services and professional approach, our mission is to help all interested private entrepreneurs in Western Europe and Croatia accomplish business ventures of their interest promptly and successfully.

Prices by square meter

In our offer, there are various apartments of different sizes. Smallest ones are from 40 square meters, and the biggest ones have 110 square meters. All the houses have the beautiful sea view. Every apartment has its own parking place and ground in the garden to spend quality time. Every apartment is built within the highest standards, considering the best energetic certificates. Apartments are fully equipped and prepared to give you a lifetime opportunity! 

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More about the project

Find out about the many reasons for making a buy-to-let investment in Sutivan. Whether it's building up an asset base, securing additional income, ease of management, or holiday opportunities you're looking for: we offer it all, guaranteeing you a sound buy-to-let investment. 

Getting ready for retirement is a serious issue which concerns everyone. With demographic change and the uncertainties, this imposes on mandatory schemes, more and more employed and self-employed people are seeking to supplement their retirement income. Property investment provides a sustainable and secure solution when preparing for your future. Furthermore, by acquiring a property in a tourist residence in the heart of a named tourist spot, you will benefit from significant financial and tax benefits. 

Once the transaction has been finalized, you will have nothing more to worry about. Once you become an owner, you will sign a lease with the Sutivan Projekt d.o.o., which then becomes your sole tenant:

  • ROI is guaranteed (6-8% yearly): you receive rent whether your apartment is occupied or not
  • Your property is maintained: the technical management department of the group manages maintenance operations while local teams look after routine maintenance and cleaning.
  • The Group pays all insurance costs, fee, and taxes: you only pay property tax and any tax related to your income.


Sutivan project
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10 January 2018


Real-Estate investment, Investment in Croatia